What our New Families are saying about Gold-Coast Cocker  Puppies

Several months ago I was fortunate to meet Jennifer and Randy through a mutual friend and my adventure with Jackson began. I had been considering getting a dog off and on for several years. I have adopted rescue kittens for the past 25 years but felt something else was needed. 


I was introduced to Jackson on their front lawn and the love affair commenced. Throughout the process and beyond Jennifer and Randy have been tremendously supportive, instructive and caring. They don't just "sell" you a dog. They give you a member of their family and in doing so, invite you  to become a member of their extended family. Now, I am lucky to live in the same town as they do and thus have access to their expertise on a continuing basis which they give freely and happily. Jackson and I have visited regularly and they delight in having continuing contact with him.


Jackson is a happy, energetic and handsome puppy full of piss and vinegar. He is healthy and a delight to be around. I became an instant hit with my neighbors as we took our walks around my complex. He greets everyone with joy and significant enthusiasm. Before the onset of the current restrictions, he would accompany me to the pub in the afternoons and thoroughly enjoy interacting with my fellow patrons. He torments the cat with love and a rambunctious desire to play. She is gradually getting used to him and now actually seeks him out on occasion.


Jennifer is a dedicated breeder who cares for her charges with love and compassion which is immediately evident upon meeting her. You couldn't find a better person to guide you through the acquisition process. She readily stands behind her animals and will assist you in any way she can. You couldn't do better!

Dear Jen, I want you and everyone else that wants a cocker spaniel to read this. You know how much I love all of my babies, having said that I have 3 from 3 different breeders . I have come to realize, it not just the breeding ( it plays a big part).. but the breeder! Tessa/ our Stevie is the best cocker we’ve ever had! She is pure JOY!.. we spend so much time just watching her!  I am so very thankful I have my / your baby in my life! If I ever get another puppa ..it will be one of yours. A million times thank you, I needed her far more than she needed me!  I love her so much! Thank you for trusting me with your baby! ..